How long does a lip tattoo last

For most of cases, lip tattoos can last about 2 years on average. But there are cases some faded after about a year, and some can last up to 5 years. It’s very individual and depending on many factors.

Some of those factors can be controlled, but some, such as your body chemistry, can’t. Since lip tattoo is not a $5 treatment, it’s very important to get all the information on how long does lip tattoo last; how to prolong the lip tattoo color before you step in the procedure.

Lots people always think tattoo supposed to be permanent. Well, they are not all permanent.   Unlike traditional tattoo art on body, the lip tattoo also known as semi-permanent makeup uses color pigment rather than ink.  Color pigments are formulated in such a way that the body gradually breaks them down.  As the result, the pigment color can fade over a few years until invisible.

This allows you to modify and refresh your lip every a couple years, update with the newest fashion trend and new technology.

Now, let’s have a look what factors affect how long lip tattoo can last.

What Factors Determine How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last?

We all know that on average lip tattoo lasts about 2 years. But some fade much faster, some last much longer.  The factors affect how long does lip tattoo color last have to do with your body chemistry, your skin type, the aftercare routine, your life style and your skincare routine.

  1. Body Chemistry

Everyone’s body system is unique and everyone’s skin respond to tattoo pigment color differently.

How fast your body dissolves the pigments and how quickly your skin regenerate and get rid of pigmented cells, so those link to how fast your lip tattoo will fade. This is mystery so far, that’s why no artist can tell exactly when the lip tattoo will fade.

  1. Skin Type

Normal/Dry/combination skin type retains pigments better than oily skin type.

Overproduction of sebum pushes out the tattoo pigments which leads to fade faster. So, be prepared for more frequent touch ups if you are oily skin type.  Oily skin is more critical factor for eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo, but still effects lip tattoo lasting result.

  1. Aftercare

 Aftercare plays big roll in how long does your lip tattoo last. In order for the pigments to settle into the skin perfectly, you must follow aftercare routine through whole healing process. The healing process normally take 14 days.

One of aftercares you never should forget to do is always moisturizing your lip with a thin layer of hydrating ointment that can prevent the formation of thick scabs. Thick scabs can take a large amounts of pigment with them when they fall off. Ripping off scabs by hands also leading to lost pigment.

Getting lips wet and getting lip moist are two different things.  Wet lips during the healing process also disrupts the pigment settling into lip. Please avoid swimming, saunas, bath or excessive exercise.

  1. Your Lifestyle

People often think lifestyle won’t effect lip tattoo life span. But fact is they do. Following are some factors may make the pigments fade quicker:

Sunlight exposure;  If your skin sun burnt, it will start a cycle of excessive peeling, which can shed some of pigmented cell faster.

Frequent swimming;   Tattoo pigment react to chemical compound of salt and pool water, which can cause them to fade quicker.

Smoking;  Harmful Chemicals in Tobacco Products will make skin aging faster and cell turnover process abnormal faster.

        5.Skincare Routine

Many beauty treatments or facials can boost fading. Both mechanical and chemical exfoliating will help to get rid of the surface layer of the skin, the pigmented cells are also can be removed slowly.

Can We Prolong how long lip tattoo last?

Yes, you can adjust your lifestyle to make the most of it. But you can not control your body chemistry, which plays major role in fading speed.

The most important thing is to follow the aftercare routines in the first 14 days after your tattoo.

By getting a color-boosting touch up whenever you feel your lips color are too faded will help to prolong your lip tattoo.


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