Fotona Laser: Targets redness, pigmentation,
stretch marks, acne scars,

and skin tone issues for clearer, smoother, radiant skin.

About Laser treatment

Red Vein Laser Treatment – Fotona

This treatment diffuses redness and removes superficial vascular lesions.

Medical-grade laser is used to deliver a focused beam of light targeting the damaged red  blood vessels.  The light beam directs intense heat to the vessels and causes collagen to contract to promote coagulation of contents.  As vessel walls close, blood flow to the affected area is effectively cut off.  As a result, broken capillaries are less visible and redness in the area is greatly reduced.

Pigmentation Reduction Treatment – Fotona

Target to treat superficial pigment and dermal pigment.  Laser pigmentation reduction therapy uses high intensity light pulses of heat to destroy the darkened area to remove the discoloration without damaging the skin’s surface. There is little pain, downtime and  multiple combine treatments are required.

Stretch Marks Reduction Treatment – Fotona

Different lasers wavelengths target different types of stretch marks, which can be darker (red or purple) or lighter (white or pink), but the end goal remains the same: to stimulate new growth of collagen and elastin  achieve smooth, healthy skin  stretch marks free.

Acne Scar Removal Treatment – Fotona

Fractional  lasers  can help flatten raised scars and resurfacing depressed scars. Laser light breakdown and restructure old irregular scar tissues, leave you with a much more smooth feeling skin.

Depends on your scar condition, some combine treatment may be needed to treat scars.

Skin Toning and Skin Whitening Treatment – Fotona

Laser skin toning and lightening treatment is a procedure that uses high-energy light to remove irregular, damaged skin cells, reduce overproduction of melanin and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Laser treatment Solutions

We offer targeted services for the ROSACEA and more, so you can pick and choose what you need!

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