Aftercare of Lip Tattoo

How important is the aftercare for lip tattoo

If you don’t follow after treatment care tips, it may cause loss of pigment colour, discoloration or even infections and scar.

Treating your face with too much picking may may lead to wounds and even scars, which will loosen colour and cause produce unevenness, and lead to brown spots. Let the area heal naturally for best results.

Do not use oil-based products as it may lead to pore blockage and result in more discomfort. If you’re still itching after 3 days, better check with your technician about whether there’s any possibility of infection.

The most common side effect is slight redness which usually subsides within a few hours or overnight. However, if you are experiencing swelling or blistering on lips or around mouth area, visit your technician or doctor to be safe.

What to do after a lip tattoo procedure

You can apply an ice pack (which must be protected with a clean wet barrier film of paper towelling, towel, or cloth) for 10-minute intervals for the first 24 hours.

In the first 12-48 hours, the lip skin is in the process of forming a protective fluid, this is normal, but the fluid must be patted with a water wipe and dried with a clean paper towel for a few minutes so that the moisture doesn’t crust and block the skin from breathing.

Keep the lips always clean and moisturized area with the ointment. Be careful not to ruin the crust of the lip when you are cleaning, let it peel off naturally.

Use the water wipes every morning, midday, and at night to clean your lips. Each time after cleaning and several times a day apply a thin layer of the ointment provided to your lips with a cotton bud or clean hands with light touch. This will minimize the risk of complications and is typically done for the first 7 days after surgery.

Very gentle movement when you are eating food and use a straw for drinking. Take care to clean and dry the area where the food contacted your lip.

Lip may peel for one week; they’ll slough off on their own. Plucking or pulling off skin prematurely will cause pigment loss and will end up pulling out the deep tissue.

To be safe, it is advised that you continue to take your cold sore medication for five days after the treatment.

Be careful when cleaning teeth for the first 7 days. Toothpaste can take the pigment colour out of the lip. Always apply your aftercare balm before shower for protecting your lips from the water.

What to avoid after a lip tattoo procedure

• Avoid water on new tattoo area as much as possible, especially the first 7 days.

• Avoid smoking

• Avoid picking the skin, wiping, or licking the lip

• Avoid eating citrus fruits, spicy and oily foods for the first 7 days as this can change lip colour

• Avoid swimming, facials for at least 5 days

• Avoid using AHA, or Vitamin A around lip area

• Avoid exercising for the first 5 days

• Avoid sunbeds & sunbathing & sauna

• Avoid harsh cleanser for two weeks

• Do not allow lips to become dry. This may interfere with healed colour.

Time for touch ups

Just like any other tattoo, your lip tattoo will fade over time—but that doesn’t mean you have to be totally bummed about it. Touch ups are a great way to keep your lips looking fresh and vibrant, Talk to us about touch ups after 2-3 years of treatment.

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