Client’s Journey to Clearer and Brighter Skin Using Dermapen and Hydrofacial: A Case Study

Acne scarring, poor skin tone, and outbreaks of acne were the client’s primary complaints. The client is a lady in her 30s. She struggled with recurrent dullness in her skin and decided to seek treatment at Elfreda Beauty in order to address her concerns.

Treatment Plan: In order to alleviate the many skin issues that the client was experiencing and to help her obtain skin that was more radiant and clear, a custom treatment plan was developed that included Hydrofacial and Dermapen sessions.

  1. Hydrofacial: To begin, the customer went through a series of hydrofacial treatments so that the esthetician could thoroughly cleanse, moisturise, and revitalise her skin. This phase aims to enhance the general health of the skin as well as battle dullness in the skin.
  2. Acne Treatment with Dermapen Micro-needling: After the client had achieved greater skin hydration and health with Hydrofacial, she began a series of Dermapen micro-needling treatments to treat acne and acne scars, as well as to brighten her skin even more.

The treatment procedure is as follows:

The duration of the therapy was well over a quarter of a year. The first phase of treatment consisted of the client receiving frequent Hydrofacial treatments in order to establish a foundation for better skin. After that, she started using her Dermapen sessions in order to get more specific outcomes.


The client’s skin saw remarkable improvement as a consequence of the integration of Hydrofacial and Dermapen treatments.

  1. Acne Control: The customer reported a dramatic decrease in the number of acne outbreaks, and her skin became noticeably cleaner and smoother as a result.
  2. Acne Scars: Sessions with the Dermapen micro-needling device helped to the disappearance of acne scars, which led to a more equal skin texture.
  3. The client’s skin tone improved substantially, with a decrease in dullness and a brighter complexion after using the product.

A Comparison of the Situation Both Before and After:


This case study demonstrates how effectively treating several skin issues with a combination of hydrofacials and Dermapen microneedling may be done by combining the two treatments. The significance of developing a treatment strategy that is unique to the patient is shown by their progress towards skin that is more radiant and clean. The client was able to accomplish what she set out to do by first addressing general skin health and hydration with a Hydrofacial, and then focusing on particular concerns with a Dermapen treatment. The rejuvenation of her skin not only gave her more self-assurance but also gave her a lustrous sheen to her complexion.

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