How much are skin booster injections in Sydney?

Skin Booster is an advanced non-surgical treatment which will increase hydration and elasticity in the skin by one easy step. It can improve the overall skin quality and also enhance the glow of the skin. Skin condition such as acne scaring, fine lines and small wrinkles can be reduced through skin booster treatment, and leave skin more fresher, younger, healthier.

The treatment deliver the nutrition and moisture to the deepest layers of the skin. With continuing use, your skin’s hydration, collagen level, elasticity can be improved. The skin booster is not only can be done on your face, you also can use it on other part of your body.

Common treated area:

Face:  Can treat the entire face to boosting skin condition for a smoother, more radiant texture and tone.

Eyes: The fine wrinkles around and underneath the eyes from face expression or dehydration will be very effectively treated

Mouth area: Can soften vertical lips; smooth out dimpled and crepey skin.

Neck & Decolletage: An intensely hydrated and moisturised effect can be add to the area which also will help to lift the skin and smooth out fine lines around neck and decolletage area.

Hands: Skin boosters with micro-fillers are often used to counteract the visible sign of aging.

You will see the results after one treatment, but to achieve optimum results you need complete over 3 sessions(approx 4 weeks apart).And maintenance treatments at 6-9 monthly intervals.


Skin booster can also be used in conjunction with other ingredients such as micro filler and anti wrinkle serum and brightening serum for achieving superboost result. The exclusive formula of super boost target skin hydration, giving antioxidant protection, tissue restructuring and cell regeneration.


Before treatment, we use a topical numbing cream to reduce any discomfort. During skin booster, the skin booster formula will be injected into skin by booster injector or by hands. After procedure, you may notice your skin slight swelling, redness, small bruises in the treatment area. However, those symptom will fade in 2-3 days.


How much does skin booster injection cost in Sydney?

The cost of a skin booster treatment can vary depending on the ingredient that is used and the area that is treated. The basic skin booster for full face costs around $550; For neck it costs $490; For decolletage it costs $690; For eyes or lips it costs $350.

Skin booster with PRP starts from $690; Skin booster with extra 2 ingredients costs from $790 for 5ml; Skin booster with extra 3 ingredients costs from $990 for 5ml.


At Elfreda Beauty we offer great price without sacrificing the quality of your treatments. Our consultation is free, feel free to book a skin booster consultation today. Let your beauty journey starts now.

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