Full body waxing guideline

When you start thinking about to get full body waxing, you need know where to start, how is procedure going to be like, how much will cost, what to expect from your full body waxing. Is full body waxing a good option for you?

In this blog, we will talk about what is full body waxing? We will talk about what to expect from an appointment such as price and treatment time. We will talk about pro and cons of full body waxing.

Let’s start!

What is A Full body wax?

What is a full body wax? It’s easy to tell by the name of FULL BODY. This is a process performed by a professional esthetician where clients receive a complete hair removal from face to toe (of course, not include your hair on head).

Full body waxing for men can be performed to anyone of any gender and any age. Most of the process will be similar for all genders.

A full body waxing will usually begin with the face then move to under arm, chest, abdomen, then we move to intimate areas (do not touch/bikini/g-string/brazillian of your choice), then we are working on full legs to toe. After we done all front of body, we will work on back and back of legs and buttocks.

From there, you are done for the full body wax. Now you just need to follow post wax care to maintain your whole body.

Now we know what is a full body wax, but which type of wax is best for full body waxing?

What Type of Wax is Best for Full Body?

Depends on skin sensitivity and hair type beauty estheticians will use a hard or soft wax that suits during hair removal.

It’s good to know the difference of different types of waxes.

Hard wax VS Soft Wax

Hard wax is gentler on your skin. It’s suited for sensitive areas such as face and intimate area and is less painful to remove hairs.

Soft wax is more suitable for large areas, like your legs or back or arms.  It can cover more hairs in one single strip. Unlike hard wax, there is no need to wait for wax during out, you can apply and rip off straight away.

Now we have rough idea about those two waxes, then we will be wondering how long full body waxing is going to take?

How Long Does A Full Body Wax take?

If you are planning to get a full body waxing service, but concern may not have the time. No need to worry, full body waxing generally doesn’t take as long as you would expect.

A complete full body wax for men and women will take around 1 hour or 1 and half hour. This is based on the clients, the number of hairs they may have; the size of the bodies.

For clients with excessive back, chest, or leg hair, waxing services may take longer. You can always plan for your waxing appointment.

How Much is a Full Body Wax?

On average full body wax in Sydney is $ 300 and can go up from there for men. For women full body wax will be cheaper. Full body wax cost is determined by the time spending; the effect put in.

Of course, these are prices for professional service, you can always try to do your own waxing at home. But however, if you decided to do your DIY own treatment, you need to make sure using the right products.

Are Full Body Waxes Worth it?

Here is the question, is worth it to spend so much money on full body waxing? Why we really need a full body wax?

There are a ton of reasons to getting a full body wax. Let’s outline all the cons and pros of full body waxing.

Benefits of Full Body Waxing

Full body waxing is excellent for those separate waxing treatment for different part of body. You don’t have to visit salon for several times. Or fantastic for those who just are sick of shaving their entire body daily.

Full body waxing is convenience; extremely efficient and giving long-lasting results.

By taking care all your hair in one shot, you will be able to enjoy your life out of salon for longer. By taking care of your hairs at once, you can enjoy the results for entire body not just partly.

Downsides of Full Body Waxing

Unfortunately, the downsides of a full body waxing come in the form of discomfort. But there is no painless waxing treatment, but you can prepare several ways to minimize pain or discomfort.

By doing proper pre-wax care, you can significantly reduce your pain. Make sure to do proper cleanse, exfoliate skin before waxing and nourish skin with hydrating lotion after waxing.


There is no better feeling about having a body that is smooth, sleek, and feeling fresh. With full body waxing you can say goodbye to shaving. With full body waxing you can save your time for visiting salon.

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