Pros And Cons Of Arm Waxing and How To Prepare?

Summer is always on the corner, your summer outfits are ready for you. Your hair on back and shoulders are under control for summer; for beach. But your hairy arms are getting in the way of you bronzed goddness. You wondering is really worth to do waxing for you arms? Here, let’s talk about male arm waxing. What are the pros and cons for arm waxing? How to prepare before male waxing?

  • Pros of arm waxing
  1. Longer result: Unlike shaving the hairs grow back after one day. Hairs take time to grow back(normally takes 3 to 6 weeks for full growth depending on your individual hair growth speed).
  2. Time efficient: You can save everyday shaving time in shower room. Waxing procedure will be very quick and efficient. And the best part is you are only need go to salon once a month.
  3. Sleek look: Waxing arms will give you a sleek look under short sleeve. Especially for swimmers;  body builders; models and all those people who love smooth skin.
  4. Good for skin health: Hairless skin are much more convenient for exfoliationg, moisturizing, etc
  5. Easy to wear cloth: No more pulling hairs when you are trying to wear tight clothing.
  6. Easy for getting massage: We all love to be massaged. But when the hairs are in way, it is harder to getting massage without accidently draging hairs around painfully.
  • Cons of arm waxing
  1. Treatment can be painful due to pulling hairs off your arm, especially for those who have long hairs.
  2. Your skin might feel some sensitive. Hairs do protect the skin from some harsh elements such as cold wind or direct sunlight. If you have fresh waxed your arms it will be more important that you put broad-spetrum sunscreen all time when going outside.
  3. If you are trying to wax arms yourself, you might get patchy areas because doing the procedure properly will be hard for arms area.
  4. Need to be very patience for waiting optimal length is reached. Before that it’s going to be awkward to put up with those prickly stubble.
  5. Some people get an extreme reaction from waxing because their skin is too sensitive to waxing products that they didn’t even know
  6. Your skin might be over-exfoliated from waxing which you will find painful and redness in the treatment area
  1. Before waxing your arms for the first time, you can do patch test on small area in salon to see if your skin is allegy to the product.
  2. For best results, it’s essential to keep treating area clean and dry. Take warm shower before hand for clean skin.
  3. No moisturizer on the treatment day. Moisture on skin will make wax hard to adhere properly.
  4. No heavy work out before treatment, sweating on skin will effect waxing result.
  5. No long time sun exposure 1 week before waxing procedure. Long term sun exposure will make your skin very sensitive, your skin will be extremely painful and easily damaged during waxing
  6. If you’ve taken retinol or AHAs for acne in the previous six months, don’t wax at all.
  7. For bruises, itchiness, infection, rashes, scars, moles, skin tags, and sensitive areas, examine your skin. Avoid waxing if there is any anomaly on your skin.
  8. No spray tan before waxing, due to its exfoliateing effect all the tan color will be taken off from skin.
  9. Exfoliate your skin a day before waxing appointment. It will remove dead skin cell and loose ingrown hairs; make your hair easy to remove.
  • How to Wax Your Arms

Although quick and simple, arm waxing requires some skill and experience. You should clean the area with a pre-depilatory lotion as your first step. Apply a small layer of powder next to completely absorb moisture and guarantee that the wax will stick to the skin nicely.

Test the temperature of your wax after it has melted on the back of your wrist. It’s time to use a spatula at a 45-degree angle to apply the wax. As wide as the muslin strips, spread the wax in that area. Apply starting at the elbow and moving towards the strip. The direction of hair development should be followed when using the product (downwards and outwards next to the extended arm).

With your free arm, hold the skin taut while pressing the strip firmly on the wax in the previously described direction. Then, rip the strip in the other direction. Apply pressure on the skin after ripping the strip to relieve the soreness. After the procedure is over, apply a post-depilatory lotion.

Regardless of which season it is, regular waxing to make sure your hair and skin continues to gain the benefits of smooth glowing skin all year-round.

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