10 ways to relive waxing pain

Ouch waxing, what are we going to do about it? Just let it be. Squash the stress ball?

Let’s find ways to reduce the pain

  1. Numb your nerve

You can take paracetamol 30 – 45 minutes before your wax treatment. This is very helpful for getting Male Brazilian wax, full leg, chest and back those big and sensitive area done.

  1. Seek experienced professional

Getting waxing?  You need someone experienced not just anybody who just graduated from beauty school. They will know which waxing to use; how to pull the hair off your skin in right direction; how to hold the skin to reduce discomfort.

  1. Use exfoliator for skin

Exfoliate your body and face will help to get rid of dead cells around skin pores and hair follicles, providing an easier exit for hair removal. Scrub the body especially Brazilian area will help prevent annoying ingrown hair.

  1. Do not using toner or astringent

We want skin to be tighten and youthful, but we don’t want pores to be tighten during waxing. The more tighten pores the harder to pull the hair out of skin. Using warm towel on area will soften tissue and relax pores.

  1. Using ice pack? Before or After?

Lots of people think cold ice pack can numb the skin and can helping reduce waxing pain. By applying cold ice pack before waxing will help little bit by numb skin surface; sadly, it also can tighten pores make hair harder to be waxed which causing more pain and longer treatment time.

Instead using cold ice pack before treatment, using cold compress after waxing for a few minutes will ease down waxing pain and skin irritation.

  1. Do not drink alcohol, drink water instead

Maybe someone will say, when I under the influence of alcohol I wouldn’t have too many feeling for what’s going on my skin. Unless you are drunk as a skunk (but you won’t be allowed to step in salon, unfraternally), otherwise drinking alcohol will increase your blood circulation which will end up receiving pain more than usual. Drinking plenty water before to hydrate your skin and body will make skin less sensitive.

  1. Have something to distract you

Youtube, tiktok, netflix anything that interest you will distract your mind off from waxing. You don’t even focus on the pain

  1. Trim your hair to right length

Your hair needs to be 1/4 inches long for waxing. But if the hair too long which will make waxing experience more painful. Ask therapist to trim the hair into right length.

  1. Plan around your period

 Your body is more sensitive around your period, so plan your waxing visit avoid those days. The second week of your period ends will be good time for planning a salon visit.

  1. Stop shaving if you decided to start waxing

Shaving can make your hair thicker, sometime two hairs have grown out of one pore. The thicker the hair the more painful you get.  This needs to stop once you begin to wax.

In conclusion

Waxing is one of the excellent ways for both men and women to remove unwanted hair from various parts of their body. Waxing is quick and shouldn’t be avoided due to fear. Prior to waxing, follow those tips to make sure your waxing experience goes as smoothly and pain-less as possible.

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