Why choose male Brazilian waxing and how to do it?

The body hair grooming is a pretty standard part of the proverbial men’s grooming. Waxing, especially ‘down there’, is no more just for women. In reality, males, like women, may benefit from skincare benefits from frequent waxing. More men are seeing it as an essential element of a healthy lifestyle and routine upkeep. So there’s no reason to limit the benefits of clean, silky skin to women exclusively.

Male Brazilian wax, it’s one of the best changes you made to skincare and beauty regimen. You have the ability to take off as much as you can. But you don’t just walk into a beauty salon without knowing your plan. There is a method, some styling options, and, finally, a technique to care for your hairless down-under.

Brazilian waxing is similar to a brief wax, but only more hair is removed; a Brazilian wax covers the private area from front to back; from top to bottom and inside and out. Or you can discuss with therapist how you want your hair to be waxed. 

For Brazilian wax, hard wax is the best option, sometimes referred to as strip-less wax. You’re probably also conscious of your body’s sensitivity in that place. The type of wax you choose for your Brazilian may make a significant impact. Because this is such a sensitive part of your body, hard wax removal is less unpleasant.

  • cost effective

If you just look at money digit, waxing is more expansive than shaving.  But nowadays, time is money.  Saving time is key point in lots of situations.  The hair regrows one or two days after shaving. Waxing is generally done by professional technicians and results endure longer. You can save your time for other important matters.

  • health benefits

People only know waxing can remove body hairs. What people aren’t aware of which are the many health benefits associated with getting a brazilian or body wax treatment.

  1. Removing damaged skin cells and allowing healthy, new skin tissue to grow
  2. Drawing out the congestion found in clogged pores, reducing acne breakouts
  3. Reducing pigmentation areas on your skin that result from aging
  4. Clearing dry skin so that new, healthy skin can grow through
  5. Increasing your blood circulation, which helps drain built-up toxins from your skin and break up fatty tissues
  6. Promoting new collagen production, which hydrates your skin and reduces wrinkling.
  • Less irritation

Many people think waxing hurts which makes it harsh on skin. But the truth is waxing is more gentle on skin compare to shaving. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, reaction to the metal of the razor, and dry your skin up. Waxing can exfoliate skin. Skin can feel and look much smoother after as the dead skin cells have been removed. It’s ideal treatment for sensitive skin and for those reacting to razor blades.

  • Long lasting

Before we talk about why waxing can last longer. Let’s have look into the three phases of hair growth; which include anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen stage  is the first stage of the hair growth cycle, and the most visible. You can tell your body hair is in this phase when it’s starting pop above the skin. This is the perfect stage for hair removal.  Because this stage hair is still attached to papilla, When we remove hair,  the hair have removed from roots.  Once hair have been removed, the body will still go though catagen and telogen stages until new circle kicks in which normally takes 3-4 weeks. But shaving only remove top layer hair, the hair will continue grow in anagen stage and will remaining on body until new circle arrive.

  • How to do male waxing?

Wondering what will happen? And what process is to carry out for manzilian wax? We’ve got you covered in the following steps:

  1. Cleanse, disinfect the area first
  2. Skin perp for male brazilian waxing: If treating area too dry, apply pre-wax oil to soften hair for advoiding breakage. If the treating area too wet or too oily, apply pre-wax powder to remove excess moisture or oil for waxing easy to attach.
  3. Position: Lie down with the soles of their feet together in a butterfly position for complete access. Spread their feet more apart if needed.
  4. Start performing the treatment: Testicles, shaft, public mound. The skin on those areas can be very thin and sensitive, helping to stretch the skin during treatment when therapist request.
  • waxing preparation

Leave your hair longer than 8 -12cm before waxing. The easier it is to grip longer hair. If the hair too long, therapist will trim to right length for waxing.

Day before your appointment, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the areas need to be wax. You can use a dry brush or a loofah sponge, against the hair growth for exfoliating.

Exfoliated skin means quicker salon service, less irritation, and less hair breakage.

To avoid bacterial responses, bring clean underwear to wear after your wax. Please come fresh and clean.

We recommend taking an ibuprofen one hour before your session and avoiding alcohol before waxing for your personal comfort.

  • waxing process

On the day of your visiting, therapist will sanitize the treatment area first. Follow by pre-wax solution or powder to prepare the skin for waxing.  We will start from sides work into middle part. And from bottom work towards top. In treatment we will ask you to support your skin for preventing any bruises and reduce pain. we will finish treatment by apply cooling gel to clam the skin down.

  • waxing aftercare

Cleanse skin using PH balanced skin wash product. Moisturize your skin daily by using body cream or oil. Exfoliate regularly using exfoliating glove or cream. Stay away from sauna and swimming for the first 2 days. Maintain a consistent waxing cycle, returning every four weeks.

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