Which parts can be waxed for men?

Now a huge percentage of men have jumped into the waxing trend over the past couple of years.  Baby-smooth skin is now everyone’s dream, that’s what wax can do for you.

But which area can be waxed? As long as there are hair on you body, we can get rid of them. You can go all off, from head to toe. Or you can do partly on you body.

The list below shows which area can be done on your body. We Provide male Brazilian waxing as well.

Male Waxing and Threading Price















Chest & Stomach


Full Arm


Half Arm






Full Leg


Half Leg


Man’s Bikini


Man’s G-String


Man’s Brazilian




Those 5 parts are very popular for man to do waxing:  Face, Shoulders and back, Legs; Chest and stomach; Brazilian area.

  1. The Face

Men get their eyebrows shaped, get their beards shaped to give neat and groom looking. And for some nose and ear and all those peach fuzz also can be clean up for further neat looking.

  1. Shoulders and Back

These area are on top list of waxing for men. You may can do certain area yourself at home, but doing your own back will be impossible. Hairy back is a no-no for the beach and for new neat-looking fashion.

  1. Legs

Compare to popularity of shoulder and back, legs seem to be not too popular. But for cycling; for swimming; for those want to show cool tattoo design on the legs, getting leg waxed is solution.

  1. Chest and Stomach

Getting that beach bod ready always starts with a good chest wax. The hair on chest area can be very thick which makes treatment a bit dis-comfortable. But waxing regularly helps the hair grow back thinner and slower. Skin feels a lot smoother after waxing compare to shaving. And keep in mind the more you do the easier it gets.

Not everyone has stomach hair, but for those who do. This will be a really fast and easy treatment which can be done in 10mins. Showing your grooming body for the summer.

  1. Brazilian Area

This area is getting popular now. For hygiene reason, now more and more men choose to get public hair removed. It’s a ouch treatment, but the regular you wax, the less pain you felt. Always find professional to do than risking doing it yourself.

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