Male Brazilian Wax

Men Brazilian Wax

A male Brazilian Wax refers to the removal of pubic hair from around your genitals. During male Brazilian Wax, hair is removed in a thin strip from all around your genital area. For men, most waxing salons provide it as an add-on treatment to other services such as leg or chest waxing. Some men use it regularly while others just have it performed once every so often (usually before attending social events).

For men, male Brazilian waxing has become popular in recent years as men’s grooming trends have changed. For those who are not familiar with what a male Brazilian wax entails, here’s a breakdown of what it involves: A person, typically your waxer or esthetician, will remove all of your hair on and around your genitals. There should be no hair left at all; it should look exactly like you’re freshly shaved.

The area that is usually waxed includes your pubic mound, shaft, scrotum (balls), perineum (area between testicles and anus) and anal region. Some people also choose to get their perineum area waxed for a more finished look. The areas can also be separated out into different sessions if desired by both parties involved. This can make for easier recovery time between appointments because there will only be one area being worked on at any given time instead of multiple areas simultaneously.

Men Brazilian Wax


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