Skin Booster After Care Tips

     A To-Do List for better results

The Skin booster treatment is quickly gaining popularity and demanding all over Australia with amazing benefits in restoring skin health. Understanding the skin booster aftercare routine is important for longer-lasting result from treatment.

Skin booster can help revitalizing skin, devoid of pesky whiteheads or blackheads. It’s going to be very satisfying to see your skin deep cleansed and taking care of you skin after treatment will make these effects last longer. And with good after care also preventing any side effects.

Common Skin Booster Treatment Side Effects

Both intradermal and needless methods may have some kind of reaction on your skin. And here comes some common side effects listed below:

  • Raised bumps.
  • Slight redness.
  • Red needle puncture marks in treated areas.

These do not need to be concerned with.

However, if you find yourself have any below-mentioned side effects, please consult your skin clinic or doctor to prevent any long-term negative impact potentially:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Asymmetry
  • Tenderness; or
  • Itching in the treated areas

Taking extra care for your skin, you can minimize the possibilities of those side effects from occurring.

Skin Booster Aftercare Tips

Good aftercare after treatment will enhance the benefits of your skin booster treatment.

Avoid exposing the treated area to high temperatures.

It’s very important to remember those active ingredients from skin booster can be reduced its effectiveness from heat such as saunas, steam rooms or spas.

Avoid long period of exercise and alcohol

Long period of exercise like running can trigger the sweat glands, leading to a counter-effect on skin boosters.

Alcohol has an impact on the skin’s pores, which might result in closed pores or irritation.

To maximize the benefits for skin booster, we usually recommend that no excessive sports or alcohol for at least 24 hours after skin booster treatment.

Avoid pressure on the treated areas

Pressure on treated can decrease the blood flow and lower the deliverability and effectiveness of skin booster treatment. Sleep in your supine position for the fist a few nights after skin booster treatment will giving a good blood circulation in your body as you sleep. It will help the healing process after treatment.

Do not use AHA, Retinols/Vitamin C or oil-based makeup

Try to avoid AHA, Retinol, Vitamin C or any kinds of oil-based makeup. It’s crucial to leave those aside for at least 24 hours after your skin booster treatment, for preventing diminishing the revitalizing effects of your skin booster treatment.

After skin booster, your dermatologist or aesthetic professional will provide soothing ointments or mask to boost the skin’s healing process. Make sure to use those religiously to proper restorative function of your skin.

Avoid facials, facial waxing, chemical peels, IPL or energy-based treatments

No active skincare ingredients on your face for the first a few days, same goes all facial treatments. Facial treatment may counter the effects of the skin booster treatments. This includes facial waxing, chemical peels, IPL and microdermabrasion.

Facials may be resumed 2-4 weeks following the skin booster treatment. If you really need those treatments, you can choose to do those before your skin booster. And always remember to speak to the skin care clinic before going through more skincare treatments right after skin booster treatment.

Aftercare for your skin after a skin booster treatment

Treatment doesn’t just stop at beauty clinic; aftercare is very important after a skin treatment to retain best results.  Without taking special care of your skin, the positive effects can be reduced and eventually subside.

Thus, it didn’t matter you had the intradermal or needleless method, the Skin Booster treatment offers substantial benefits for any individual who seeks to amplify their skin’s health.

Gain the full benefits of skin boosters with the aftercare to-do list, and your skin will thank you in the long run.

Schedule a consultation with us at Elfreday Beauty Clinic today to learn more about our skin booster treatments.

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