FAQs on skin boosters

What is skin booster?

Skin booster is a product that injected hyaluronic acid into the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate. It’s different from dermal filler injection. Fillers can add volume in the face and change the appearance of the face. But skin boosters cannot do this. They deliver hyaluronic acid inside the skin to make it look younger and healthier.

Skin booster treatment is not just for face; it can be used on other parts of body where they need reduce fine lines and improve on skin hydration, such as neck, decolletage, hands and other areas.

How does skin booster work?

They are injected into skin directly. The ingredient will be inserted in the papillary dermis. This treatment can activate fibroblasts which stimulates the new formation of collagen and elastin.

Why are skin boosters so popular?

This is a treatment which can be used for all skin types and skin tones. This is a treatment which excellent in skin hydration and improving texture. This is a treatment which can strengthen the skin and make skin more youthful and firmer due to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Skin booster treatment gives a very natural-appearing result without face shape changes or overfilled situation. Skin booster treatment gives your skin a smooth plump result due to nature of hyaluronic acid product.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

Everyone, who want a natural skin improvement, who want a glowing effect, who want to maintain healthy skin, who want to delay the onset of skin aging.

It’s great procedure for patients who are noticing that their skin is becoming more dull, less plump.  It will help to bring back the youthful firmness due to the collagen and elastin stimulation.

This is also perfect treatment for people who want a more glasslike complexion. It helps improvement for skin quality and skin hydration and youthfulness.

It’s also highly recommended for those with acne scarring condition.

Well, it’s not suitable for those are pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s does not correct beauty choice for people who want to lift lines and wrinkles and make a change on the face.

What is the procedure for skin booster treatment?

Skin booster can be used by hands or using mesotherapy gun. The mesotherapy gun uses a multi micro needle system and suction to deliver product precisely to the depth chosen by the injector.

Numbing cream applied to the treatment area 30 minutes before procedure. After removing numbing cream, the skin will be cleaned with chlorhexidine. Then, the treatment will be starting.

Are Skin booster painful?

As the micro needles go into the skin, no discomfort seems to be impossible. But with the numbing cream, most of the patients tolerate the procedure very well.

How often should do skin boosters?

Normally with 3-5 treatments each month for skin improvement optimal result, follow by one maintenance treatment every 6-9 months.

Side effects from Skin booster injects?

The common side effects include temporary lumps at injection sites, slight bruising or swelling.

Cost of Skin booster?

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