Things Your Bikini Waxer Wants You to Know

Ok, let’s get down to business. Doing a bikini wax or not? How you want to groom down there is purely your personal decision. Go for totally bare or close to it or just standard bikini, there is no denying that Brazilian waxing is lest bump-inducing way to smooth things down below.

Well, it can be a nerve-racking experience. But worry no more, we will create the guide for you how to prepare for a bikini waxing and some tips we want you to know.

  • No one will judge your vulva

No need feels nervous or awkward about the way your vulva looks. As experience therapists, we see all sizes and colours daily. Our job is to make you feel good and feel better.

  • It won’t be as painful as you thought

Does Brazilian bikini wax hurt? If you never had done before and if your pain tolerate level is low, it will hurt but is going to be better than your anticipation. But if you are under hands of a waxing pro, the treatment will be much faster and less painful.

  • Do not shave before waxing

If you decided to wax, the length of your hair should be at least a quarter inch. So shaving before waxing treatment is a no-no.  Shorter hair will result the wax won’t have long enough hair to grip during procedure.

  • Too hairy, too embarrassed?

There is no such thing as being too hairy. Wax therapist rather wax overgrown hair than a 2-week-old shaving hair. Specialist can always trim the hair if needed.

  • Timing of salon visit

Try to avoid 5 days before your period cycle, or during it, or immediately after it. Why? Because your body is especially sensitive during those time. If you have to visit salon on those days, you can try take pain killer beforehand.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Anything tight-fitting can rub raw spots and make area more irrigating. Maxi dresses or harem pants can be good option for you.


  • Do come straight from gym

Arrive fresh and cleansed will help your wax go more smoothly. Sweat, oil or body lotion prohibit wax from adhering. The drier the area is the better the wax will adhere, and the better results will be.

  • Wee before your appointment

I know this tip sounds a bit strange, but when you nervous any jitters can lead to a nervous bladder. Once you realize you need go to loo, re-dressing and un-dressing will add more hassle for you. During the treatment, your skin is stretched and pressed all time.  With a full bladder a light press can be uncomfortable.

  • You have own option on how you want your bikini done

You don’t have to go totally bare down there, as there are lots of bikini wax styles to choose. You can just get sides (Bikini); you can get sides and top clean up (G-string); you can get everything but a small patch of hair in front ( Styled Brazilian); you can get everything removed – top, sides and back- (Full Brazilian). If you are not sure which one to get, just ask your technician. It’s better to discuss before treatment, otherwise the result you might not be like it.

  • Be vocal

If you have any idea about how you want your bikini look like, just speak up.  We cannot read your mind, but we can listen and give out professional suggest.

  • Do not work out after your waxing

Take a day or two off from the gym, the less heat you bring to the area gives the better recovery. And take 12 to 24 hours off from swimming for hygiene factors.

  • Stay out of the sun

Skin is deliciated after waxing, sensitive skin is more susceptible to UV rays.

  • Do not touch skin too often after waxing

I know it feels good to touch soft skin without hair, but we have tons of bacteria underneath our nail beds. It’s better leave the skin alone after waxing. If ingrown hairs appear after your waxing, don’t pluck them by nails, you may rashly scarring and infection. Do a gentle exfoliation 3 days after your waxing.

  • No hook-ups

Any kind of action down under can lead to discomfort (sex in particular). It can cause chafing from friction on super delicate waxed skin. Give 2 days off from any sex activity.

Ok, those are some things we need you to know before visiting salon for you first appointment. Follows all those tips will give you an easy comfortable waxing experience.

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