An Overview of Waxing for Men

Lots of women do waxing and they remove hair from different areas of the body.  So, is waxing any different for men? No, not that much difference.

The methods are still the same, the areas can be done on man are the same. Those include the eyebrows, arms, underarm, legs, back and even manzillian part.

But there is one major difference: men usually have more hair compare with women, and they have more hairs in places that women normally don’t have. For example, a few women struggle with hairy chest, but this is a common area for men. And men grow more hair than women on most of body areas. Hairs can be thicker for men which make hairs harder to remove compare with women.

But why are more men start to male waxing? Men now are experiencing the benefits of male waxing that women have already known for years and years.

Here are some advantages of waxing:

Help To Reduce body odor

If sweat holds onto hair, more body odor will be resulting. Shaving can’t remove hair completely like how waxing do, body odor will remain after shaving. Waxing can combat body odor very well.

Getting Smoother Skin

More men want to enjoy the smooth skin nowadays. Waxing can achieve hairless skin longer which normally up to 3 – 6 weeks.

You’ll look cleaner and more sophisticated with hairless smooth skin.

More Fine and Soft Hair

After waxing the hair does grow back, but the more waxing you do the finer hair will be. Each time you wax, the hair grows back even finer and soft.

More Muscle Definition

Athletes and bodybuilders they need to get hair-free body for more muscle definition. The excess body hair can disguise your muscles, waxing helps to remove the entire hair from roots which resulting more prominent muscles for a show and a game.

Which Area Can Men Get Waxed?

The waxing service for men are all becoming more and more popular. There are some more places for men to be waxed.

Facial Hair

Here are common areas of the face that men get waxed:

Cheeks; Nose

Men don’t need to wax off all their facial hair, but they can choose to groom certain areas of their face to get their desired look.


Some men think extra hair on chest is the epitome of manhood. Others think hairless on chest is better.

waxing can make hair grow back softer, doesn’t cause any razor burn, cuts and any irritation cause by shaving on skin.


Back waxing is one of the most popular for men.

Shaving your own back is impossible.  Waxing is not only getting rid of unwanted hair on your back but also can take longer for hair to grow back

Back waxing is very flexible, it based on your personal needs. You can wax your entire back or half of back or just a small patch.


Hairy legs are common for men, but believe or not, now more and more men are choosing to remove the hair from their legs.

Menzillian or Bikini Wax

The Brazilian wax for men is like the wax that women receive.

Say bye to every single hair:  the hair below the abdomen, the hair on the anus, between the upper thighs, and around the external genitals, also  includes the sensitive regions such as the scrotum.

More men choose waxing over shaving because the hair takes longer to grow back. And it’s softer and finer.

What to Expect From Your First Waxing Appointment?

Waxing has lots of benefits and has getting more popular these days. But for your first time is normal to be nervous.

Here’s what you can expect for your first waxing appointment:

Take shower before your appointment will make hair easy to be removed. But remember do not apply any lotion on skin. Lotion will make wax not adhere on skin.

Wear loose clothing prevent rubbing the area you are about to getting waxed. Waxing will hurt but not as bad as you think, try to be relaxing as much as you can.

When you at salon, the therapist will look at your hair to ensure its right length. And before doing service, the therapist will ask how much you want to remove and where you want to keep.

During the waxing period, the therapist will spread the wax on the area need to be waxed. They will be using a strip to quickly remove off skin along with the unwanted hair. They will repeat this until the entire section is finished.

After waxing at home, you can apply lotion to keep your skin smooth and free from irritation. Avoid scarch the area if you feel itchy. Do not do very hot shower, it will dry out the skin and make skin more irritated.

Right maintenance will give you the best results, and make you enjoy your hair free smooth skin longer.

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