How Long Does Waxing Last?

There are different methods to remove unwanted hair, but which is the best for you to get? Waxing? Shaving? Surgaring?

If successful, Male waxing and female waxing can remove hair from the roots and can last up to six weeks. But however, skin won’t always be hair-free for this six weeks. Many people can start to see the regrowth in 2 weeks.

But how quick is the hair regrows? This depends on several factors: Your individual hair growth cycle; Breakage; Waxing frequence; location of your body etc.

To know more about how long does waxing last, firstly, we need to know about the stages of hair.


The Stages of Hair Growth

There are 3 stages of hair: Growing stage; Resting stage; Transitional stage. Normally  approx 90% of the hairs you see on your skin are in the growth phase; 9% is in the resting phase; 1% is in the transitional phase. This means when you go for waxing there have some hairs underneath the skin growing but not yet reached to surface. Or it can be some hairs just above the skin but not noticeable and not long enough to be waxed off.  But those hairs in next a few days will be more noticeable.

Since now we know hairs go through different growth stages, we need to stay on a consistent waxing regiment to achieve consistent growth patterns.  When all hairs in same growth cycle will resulting smooth skin for longer time.

And another of the most important parts of the growth cycle is to reduce hairs become ingrown.

How to Make Wax Last Longer

There are some ways to effect hair growth speed.

  • Certain products that contain hair growth minimizer ingredient which called Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract can help in slowing the regrowth of hair at the root. But keep in mind that this extract ma cause allergic reaction for some, a patch test is recommanded.
  • A nice hormone balance will lead you to having stronger and healthier hair. Imbalance of hormones, this could be resulting negative impact growth rate and texture of your hair.
  • Your personal diet can also impact your hair growth. Balanced diet rich in omega-3, vitamin c, zinc, biotin, iron and niacin will help nourish hair growth.
  • Consistent waxing routine can make the hair grow back thinner and slower. The more you do waxing, the longer lasting result and less painful will be achieved.

Every single hair follicle has own blood supply which supplies the hair with nutrients to grow. Each time a hair is extracted from its follicle, it loses its connection to the blood supply. Less nutrients in the blood mean fewer nutrients for hair growth.

This is when you will notice the long-term effects of waxing. Keep waxing, keep smoothing.

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