Why A Lip Tattoo Is Perfect For Beating Dreaded Winter Lips?

Humidity level in Sydney can be quite low, especially in winter. With this type of weather, it will give you the dreaded winter lips: Dry; Chapped; Peeling; etc. Have you ever tried to put on lipstick in cold winter morning? Have your lip so miserable chapped? Does your favourite lipstick shade just not glide on?

That’s why a lip blushing tattoo is the perfect solution for all your winter lips.

But, what a lip tattoo can do for you in winter?

Instead of spending all that time on putting on lipstick every morning, why not make your life easier and more care-free?

Lip blushing tattoo give a good solution for the major problem of lip maintenance during the harsh weather such as winter months. Having a beautiful lips mean you can look gorgeous when you leave the house and will still be fabulous when you back home. You no need re-apply lip stickers or lip gloss after every meal, or check in the mirror for embarrassing lip stick teeth stains. No need worry your lip being smudged, no need worry eating those harsh chemical in along with the food.

You can stay fresh all day long easily.

At Elfreda Beauty Clinic, we will ensure that all our clients leave the clinic with the beautiful smile. We will consult with you for your own needs and thoughts and how you want your lips going to be. We will ensure you know the aftercare and healing procedure.

With the right healing and aftercare, you will have a beautiful lip color that lasts for a few years with minimum maintenance required.

The benefit of lip tattoo is not just stop here, it also can be used to make your lips look fuller and more defined. It designed to make your lips look naturally beautiful. You can slightly alter the shape of your lips to frame your face better. Lip tattoo chase away the winter blues by imbuing them with the delicate pink color.

After 2 weeks of healing and aftercare, you are left with lips that draw all eyes to your beautiful smile on cold winter days. Say no to desperately scraping waxy lipstick on chapped lips every cold morning.

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