What Is Lip Blush And 5 Reasons You Need It Today

Lip helps to show the range of emotions, helps to frame up a person’s teeth and gives a person facial symmetry. Studies show that person with fuller lips and nicely shaped cupid’s bow are more attractive to others.

As we getting older, our lip color natureally fades.  If you are looking for the youth glow on lips, if you are looking for the morning glow right after waking up, if you are looking for fuller lip but don’t want to spend outrageous money on fillers. You will love the result of lip blushing tattoo, it gives the illusion of permenently fuller lips that can last for 2-3 years.

And are you sick of reapplying lipstick after eating? Are you sick of lipstick drying or chapping on your lips? Are you sick of getting lipstick on your teeth? Are you sick of spending outrageous dollar on lipstick every year?

If so, a semi-permanent lip blushing tattoo is the perfect solution for you. It can help to improve appearance of lips. It create a more defined looking and more full shape. And you will never worry about your color rubbing off by accident.

Let’s highlighting all those benefits:


Lip blushing tattoo can visually give you seductive fuller lips without having to go under filler injections.

Procedures performed at the Elfreda Beauty Clinic are non-invasive and affordable. A typical tattooing procedure involves the use of medical-grade aesthetic which helps to minimize the pain and makes your experience comfortable.

The procedure adds beauty, convenience, as well as confident.


Lip blushing tattoo is much like the traditional tattoo which involves insecting natural pigments into upper layer of your skin. It will give long-lasting results, even color might fading over times, but the results can last for a few years (around 2-3years).

If any sign of color fading, all you need to do is making appoitment for color touch up. Semi-permanent gives advantage for when a makeup trend changes or you feel like change your style and color,  you can always go for new thing when the old one fades away.


Lip blushing tattoo nowaday are quite affordable compare to the alternative methods of lip enhancement like injectables. A semi-permanent lip blushing tattoo normally cost between $400-790


After lip blushing tattoo, you are no longer need to re-apply your lip liner and lipsticks a number of times in a day. With a lip blushing tattoo, your color won’t change or fade when you drink and eat. And you won’t leave any lipstick marks on cups or on the person you kissing.

You can enjoy your bright lip when you wake up, you can save your hassle and time in rush morning.

Lip blushing tattoo will create a clear outlie and blend the color of your desire into your lips. The long lasting and fuller lips in beautiful color will shine everyday.


Lip tattoos can be a great way of concealing  problematic areas for you lips. For mild burns, sunburns or  some certain medical conditions such as oral cancer can be benefit from lip tattoo.

As you can see, lip tattoo come with numerous advantages and benefits. They can boost the pigmentation and re-form of the lips. They can save your time from re-applying lipstick several time and worry-free. After having a lip tattoo done, you will never have to be worried about your colors smearing, fading or rubbing off.

On top of that you will receive sexier, fuller lips with a defined lip line. If you’re looking for a lip tattoo service in Sydney, please check out lip blushing tattoo in Elfreda Beauty Clinic Chatswood.

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