Choosing the perfect colour for your lip tattoo

Semi-permanent lip makeup is becoming  more and more popular across the world nowadays. Besides it will benefit from saving your time everyday, it also helps you stay more beautiful from the moment you wake up.

One of the factor you will need to consider before you decide to get your lip tattoo which is what colour to choose.  Let’s discuss which color suits which skin type along with the things you need to knowledge about before choosing your new lip color.

So, in this case you can make the right choice when come for your tattoo treatment.

  • How to pick the right shade for your lips? 

We all are from different background, we all have different skin tone. Even we are from same background, complexion can be varies too. Some skin tones can sport  bold, bright lips, some only need subtle shades of pinkish or peach-ish.

It’s very important to understand colour theory before making any color decisions on your lips.

Some of the factors to look out for:

  1. Undertone: Know your undertone will help you to choose the right color that fits you the most.   How to identify your undertone? You can examining the veins on your wrist to know your undertone. If they are blue, you have cool, pink undertone. If they are green which means you have warm yellow undertones. But if you are mix both blue and green undertones, you are neutral. Neutral means the most of shades will suit your complexion.
  2. Combinations: After we identified our skin undertones, the next step we need to identify which shade goes with which undertone. Yellow undertones work perfect with warm colors in color chart. Pink undertone can go well with cool colors in color chart.
  3. Shades for different skin tone:
  • Pale Skin: Nude toned lip color suit people with fair skin. These shades included peaches and pinks as well. Please avoid dark shades of red or brown, this will contrast with your skin tone which may loo too dramatic.      
  • Light Asain Skin (Pale to Olive): Light skintone asians can opt for coral shades or even hues of red. But stay away from nude shades which can make you look bland. If you are pale to olive with pink undertones, your can strive towards neutral peachy pinks
  • Olive Skin:    Olive skin can handle warm, natural tones of color. You can go for sunset reds; corals and amber shades. No purples and browns for you as those will highlight your yellow undertone.
  • Dark Skin: With dark complexions you can have more choices of lip colors, shades of corals, oranges and red will look good on you. But avoid color which contains too much white in them, they can case dramatically pale look for your face.
  • Super Dark Skin and South Asian Skin: For those have darker skin complexion or those south asia ethnicity group getting a right lip colour can be difficult.  Normally you need to do dark lip neutralization first to achieve the desired color.

Lip blushing is like a long-lasting lipstick which just doesn’t wash off. You can always apply any lip product over a fully healed lip tatoo.

Tattooing a very unique color or dramatic color can be fun, but what if you get bored of it? Wash it off by laser? Or wait for tattoo pigment fading out? It’s not always easy to change color, so think about what suits your daily liftstyle the best. You can always apply dramatic color on for parties or special occasion.

For further help choosing the right lip pigment colors, contact us @Elfreda Beauty Clinic and book your consultation with our professional artist.

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