The Risks of Lip Tattoos(Blushing): What You Should Know

Lip blushing tattoo will give your lips a full appearance and a lovely tint finish.  It can be customized for a natural and statement colour fill. This procedure is less invasive and without making it look overdrawn or fake compare to traditional lip tattoos. If you are thinking about getting one, you might want to know more about the risks of lip tattoo before booking your appointment.

Risks and precautions:

  1. For people who are susceptible to cold sores, they should take medication before treatment. The needle stimulation can cause an outbreak of cold sores.
  2. Some minor side effects could be expected, such as swelling; redness; pain on lip area. The symptom with proper aftercare and healing will decrease. But please contact doctor if you notice following: Excessive swelling; worsening pain; pus oozes; fever or chills. All those symptom indicates that your lips may become infected.
  3. Eating food with high acids and spicy content can cause irritation after the lip tattoo procedure.
  4. Small chance of an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink. It will cause swelling or painful lumps.
  5. If not following the aftercare procedure, you may get uneven coloring; skin bumps; rash and possible scars.
  6. Always make sure the tattoo blade is single used, there is possibility of getting blood-borne illness from shared equipment.
  7. Not all skin tone responds well for tattoo. Some darker skin tones can undergo hyperpigmentation afterwards.
  8. Knowledge of colour theory plays big part in lip blushing tattoo. For example; if a tattoo artist make the mistake of putting red color on brown lips, the client could end up with black lips since brown plus red equals black.

Lip tattoo procedure injects pigment colour into epidermis or superficial layer of the skin. With choosing the right lip tattoo artist and doing the right aftercare, the chance of lip tattoo going wrong will be reduced significantly.

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