Lip tattoos (blushing tattoo): Everything you need to know

The sides of lips tend to lose their natural color as we age. We somehow are looking some solutions to make our lip back to youth.  Cosmetic tattoo has been popular for many years, the semi-permanent lip blushing tattoo can enhance your lip color and give the illusion of fullness. This is done by putting pigment color ink into your lips and the color is subtle to give natural-looking results.

How long does a lip blush tattoo last?

Pigments give a natural finish, but since lip naturally exfoliate, the effects can last about  2 to 3 years.

There are cases that they fade after about a year, as well as those whose lip tattoo lasts up to 5 years. It’s all very individual and depends on many factors.  Some of those factors can be controlled if you follow right after-care, while others, like your body chemistry,  we cannot.

Below are a few of the factors that contribute to the life expectancy of lip tattoos:

Mouth cells Regeneration

The cells in the mouth regenerate much quicker than other parts of the human body. For a wound that takes 3 weeks to heal up in other parts of the body, it would only take a few days for it to heal up in the mouth. The pace of mouth cell regeneration depends largely on the individual, which impacts the life expectancy of the lip tattoos.

Acidic Environment

Simply put, the acids in the mouth are pretty good at breaking down the pigments in the tattoo ink which cause them to fade over time. It is important to avoid alcohol and soft drinks after the lip tattoo procedure. Over the long run, certain lifestyle do take an impact on the life expectancy of lip tattoos.

The Ink Depth

Similar to the other tattoo procedures, lip tattoos would last longer if they are injected into the lip skin deeper. Experienced lip tattoo artists would try to place the ink at the proper depth so they can last.

What’s the procedure like?

Unlike a regular body tattoo that uses a needle to deposit ink, lip blushing uses a tiny blade to make cuts into your skin. Ink is deposited into each cut. Esthetician can add a layer of color at a time until you reach your desired results.

The topical anesthetic will be applied for appox 30min to numb your lips. Then the esthetician will start to draw the shape of what you want your lips to look like.  You can make any changes or adjustments before esthetician starts the work. The pain level normally is minimal. The whole procedure will take around 1 hour.

Healing Time after procedure

After your lip is tattooed, taking care of your lip is vital. The after care for lip tattoos is different with other area. Because of the number of bacteria inside mouth and how often it’s used. It would take longer to heal if you don’t take good care of your lip. It normally takes up to 2 -4 weeks to fully healed for lip area.

During the healing period, be sure to avoid spicy or acidic, smoking or heavy workout that may irriate the area.

Drinking liquid through the straws for the first 4 days. Remember to use water-wipes to gently wipe down your mouth each time after eating.

Always keep the lip area clean and away from your saliva. Apply ointment to keep moist at all time. Before brush your teeth use ointment to seal the lip and put cotton balls in your gum area so tooth brush will not rub the lips.

Do not picking or rub the lip, let the peeling happen naturally. Picking will cause pigment lost.

Avoid long term sun exposure, which will make pigment fade faster.

Overall, lip blushing tattoo is a great way to maintain an natural look, and you can always put a layer of your favorite lipstick on top for special occasions. If you’re tired of putting makeup on your lips day by day, lip blushing tattoo is worth considering.

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