How painful is the cosmetic lip tattoo

Tattoos have been popular for many years. Lip tattoos can be done on either the inside or outside of your lips. Semi-permanent makeup can be done on your lips too. Also known by a couple of other names, such as lip tint tattooing; lip staining; lip blushing.

A lip tattoo is a professional procedure which insets pigment color into your lips with small tattooing needles. Whether you are getting a tattoo over your lips or on your lip line or inside your lip. You should always know how’s procedure going to be like? Is lip tattoo painful?  And could it be prone to infection?

Here comes the question, how painful is going to be for a lip tattoo?

The answer for that isn’t going to be simple as yes or no. Since everyone has a different pain threshold and a different definition of pain. Generally, it hurts a little bit. But the tattoo artist will do everything they can to minimize the pain, to make procedure more comfortable.

The treatment always start with a topical anesthetic. There is a layer of numbing cream will be applied 30 minutes before any needling. But everyone is individual that we reacts to topical anesthetics differently. So, you maybe need more or less time. The tattoo artist will only start the treatment after your lips have gone numb enough.

After the first pass finish,  clients will start to feel uncomfortable due to broken skin. The artist can used a secondary anesthetic cover your lip before doing another pass. The secondary numbing works much faster and intense numb, usually take 2-3 minutes to take effect. The reason for that is the skin has been broken from the first pass.

The secondary anesthetic will eliminate any pain that you felt during first pass. It make rest of procedure smoothly finish.

If you feel any major pain during your treatment, you must tell your artist. They may be caused by you numbing have been worn off or going too deep with needle .  Communication is important for any situation.

The cupid’s arch and corner of the lips are usually the most uncomforable area during the tattoo procedure.

How do you feel like during the lip tattooing?

Now we go through the question about how hurt is lip tattoo, but let’s explain more on what it actually feels like during procedure.

According to clients who have had lip tattoo, it can feel like:

  • Scratching;
  • Pinching:
  • Mosquito biting;
  • Drawing pen sliding over;
  • Vibrations of the machine(like electric toothbrush);

All above are the most common feeling during the tattoo procedure, nothing is too unpleasant.

Does Lip Blush Hurt After the Treatment?

After your tattoo treatment is over, you will feel some tenderness and swelling in your lips since the effects of the numbing cream have worn off. But all those symptom should be over under 48hours. You can apply a cold compress to minimize the discomfort and follow all the aftercare steps for a good healing result.

The next a few days your lips will fell tight and dry and a thin scabby film will form over the lips. Keep your lips moisturized at all times and gentle on doing all lip motions. The scabby film will start to flaking off in a few days. After skin is fully healed, you are no longer need to pay extra attention to your lips.

Below are a few things you could do after the lip tattoo procedure:

  • Do not drink alcohol which will dry out the lips.
  • Do not drink anything too hot or too cold.
  • Do not swim.
  • Do not get too much toothpaste on the lips.
  • Do not put any lipstick or lip balm on the tips.
  • Do not do any natural or cosmetic skin tan.
  • Do not do any sauna or take hot shower for too long.

Otherwise, enjoy your new lip tattoo!

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