Should I use Hard wax or soft wax for Brazilian?

We all love want to receive a good Brazilian wax. For the first-timers we all feel a bit daunted and nervous since we haven’t tried it before and don’t know what to expect.

Brazilian waxes bring many benefits, but they also demand a lot of care and plenty of skills.

Brazilian wax treats the most dedicated part of the body, we all want the wax experience to be smooth and leave us a soft hairless skin. Brazilians have a self-explanatory origin: the stunning Brazilian beaches where ladies donned scanty bikinis. To prepare for these occasions, the women had to brace themselves and endure extensive waxing procedures that eliminated ALL hair from the public region, including the labia and the buttocks.

This was different from the modest bikini waxing, which simply attempted to remove hair that would protrude from underwear or a swimsuit (mostly in the inner thigh area, with some trimming on the mons pubis). Brazilians therefore handle many more delicate places than just the bikini.

Professional wax are one of key point to make Brazilian wax more pleasant to receive. These waxes help to keep the skin safe from ripping off and other type of injuries, to ensure a smooth process with optimal results.

As you probably know in any waxing treatment, you can choose between soft wax and hard wax. Both soft wax and hard wax bring advantages to ensure an efficient process. But, which of those options is actually better for Brazilian waxing?

Before we jump into the conclusion, let’s know a bit more about hard wax and soft wax.


In general term when people talking about waxing, soft waxes are probably what comes to the mind. They have a honey-like texture which need a strip to remove it off body.

It ideally works in large area of skin such as the back, the arms, chest and legs. It perfectly save time in big area and bushy area. Soft wax formula provides many advantages for coarse hairs, give client pleasant and fast treatment experience.

Therapist apply soft wax with a spatula, after a few seconds for wax to cool, apply a waxing strip on top to remove all the hairs in one full against the direction of hair growth.

If the technique is used correctly, , soft wax can produce quick results with minimal dragging. The main thing to bear in mind while using soft wax for a Brazilian is that it cannot be reapplied. The client may feel additional discomfort if skin layers are accidentally removed by an esthetician who lacks the experience to ensure a precise application and ripping technique.


Hard wax, often known as stripless wax, needs to be applied thicker. It performs similiar to soft wax. The main difference is that hard was don’t require a waxing strip to remove the wax from skin.  Also, hard wax has low melting point and more thicker consistency after melting compare with soft wax.

You can remove hard waxes without using a waxing strip. This helps esthetician to precisely treat harder-to-reach areas or those areas have little room to move around.

Girls with thick hair roots and coarse hair will benefit from the ability to reapply hard wax. If your esthetician anticipates having to reapply wax to the same region more than once, she will likely choose for hard wax.

Because of its low melting point, they don’t have to be very hot when coming in contact with skin. The hard wax only adhere to the hairs not the skin unlike soft wax, creating less pain for clients when removing wax. And because of the hard wax not adhere to skin which means you can apply on same area more than once without damaging skin.

Good hard waxes are enriched with vitamins, natural oils, and other ingredients that ensure the area remains hair-free for weeks and gentle on all kinds of skins.

According to all benefit above hard waxes work best in those areas where the skin is more sensitive, such as the face; the pubic area; the happy trail; the underarm etc. Also multiple applications will be required if your hair is coarse, and hard wax enables this.

In conclusion, the majority of individuals concur that hard wax is the finest choice for Brazilian wax. We’re Specialists in Men’s Brazilian Waxing.

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