Common Waxing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Some think waxing is simple easy treatment which just remove your unwanted hair from body.  Getting flawless results without damaging the skin requires expertise and skills, even licensed estheticians only gain it after quite some time of training and practice.

The following are some common waxing mistakes will happen during male waxing treatments.

  • Didn’t clean properly before waxing treatments

Any dirt, sweat,  moisturizer,  deodorants will make wax harder to adhere to the skin and grab the unwanted hair. Therefore, do not do any kind of activity before waxing appointment to prevent an uncomfortable experience. In salon the beauty therapist will apply pre-wax powder and cleanser for further prep the skin.

  • Drinking alcohol or caffeine prior to a wax

While a few glasses of wine before getting waxed sounds like a fantastic idea, stimulants in the system might cause skin to be more sensitive to waxing.

  • Not enough frequent waxing

Because the hair has been in the dermis for some time and is nourished by blood, the first time a client has a wax may be more painful. The longer you go between waxings, the stronger the hair becomes. Regular waxing reduces the density of the hair, resulting in finer terminal hair while also improving comfort.”

  • Trimming the hair in wrong length

When the hairs are too long,  they could possible break when waxing them off during a waxing treatment.  Break hair half way which is forcing therapist to treat the same area again and again to remove the hair properly. The repeating waxing has been performed on same area which can be painful and irritation to skin.  To avoiding this happening, you must trim the hair to a proper length. But, the hairs should be at least 1/4 inches long, otherwise hairs won’t be adhere to the wax and be waxed off completely.

  • Using too much wax

Less is more. No matter using hard wax or soft wax, resist the temptation to apply too much wax is a key thing for achieving smooth; hairless outcome. For soft wax, only need a thin layer on skin in order to get the best results. For hard wax, all you need is the layer be able to pull off from skin.

  • Temperature, too high? too low?

Performing waxing in right temperature is another key point for optimal result.  Some overheat it, thereby making the wax to runny and risking burns on skin. Some in low temperature which leaves wax to thick and hard to pull off from skin. You need many attamps to get rid of those thick wax from skin. You do remember the repeat waxing on same area will make skin red and damaged.

  • Waxing in wrong direction

How to apply wax to avoid unnecessary repeating waxing application? Simply depends on the wax products, different wax can be applied in different method. Soft wax need to be applied in the same direction of hair growth and pulled off in the opposite direction. Hard wax can be applied in circle movement and pull off against hair growth direction.

Wrong direction leads to non-result pulling which will make treatment time longer and make skin more irritated.

  • Mistiming the wax

Go faster? or go slower?

To tearing out the hair from skin, it is aiming for a quick, sharp, and efficient tug rather than a slow, anguished pull one. This way you will suffer less pain in the waxing process.

But keep in mind, we need to be patient for hard wax to dry into certain hardness; for soft wax firmly adhere both strip and skin. Rushing the treatment rarely delivers the results you want.

  • Not providing after-waxing care items

Following a waxing appointment, estheticians should not pass up the option to promote after-waxing care products; it is advantageous for both business and consumers. Customers expect their skin to be hair-free and smooth when they leave the spa, but they also want the results to last. Waiting until acne, ingrown hairs, or irritated skin develops is not advised. Use high-quality items as an alternative to reduce adverse effects following therapy.

Mastering the art of waxing take time and a lot of practice. Finding experienced skilled esthetician is important for pleasant waxing experience. Less mistake, less annoying irritation, less damaged skin.

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