Why Man Should Still Wax In Winter

In Wintertime, some people think extra body hair could give themselves extra warmness. And some people think can let the hair just grow out like weeds and hide under a jumper?  But why do you still need to get a male waxing done over the colder seasons? Let’s dive into some benefits and reasons why you need to:

  • Syncing up your hair growth cycle

Hairs grow in a different cycle. If you are new to waxing or don’t have a regular waxing routine, you may notice some of your hairs will come back after a few days of waxing. This is because the hair is sitting under your skin when you had waxing.

This is annoying, right? But we can combat this, normally, it takes around 4-6 regular routinized waxes for your hair growth cycle to phase simultaneously. Establish or maintain your waxing routine in the winter season, which will give you an easy start for summer. Not only can you maintain hair-free skin longer due to syncing up the hair growth cycle, but your hair will grow back much softer and finer.

  • Make everything more convenient

Maintaining the same waxing routine you had in summer will make your life much easier in winter. You are always prepared for those last-minute parties. And don’t forget we still go swimming or gym during the winter. Or a winter getaway holiday for somewhere hotter.

  • Waxing is good exfoliation method for skin

Waxing is not just removing hairs from your body, also is a form of skincare. During cold weather, your skin can become drier due to lack of moisture and harsh weather condition.

Waxing removes dead skin cells, which will allow moisturizers to be more easily absorbed by the skin. Waxing also helps to brighten the skin up and enhance smoothness.

  • Reduce irritation for your skin in the wintertime

Your skin becomes more sensitive due to dryness in those colder seasons. In winter, your clothes can somehow irritate chafing and flaky skin. You feel like scratching around.

In cold weather, many people find other hair removal methods like shaving and hair removal cream irritating to the skin more than in warm weather.

Waxing treatment removes that flakiness, and when it follows a good after-care routine, the waxed skin is less susceptible to the irritations associated with shaving, especially in winter.

  • Regular waxing means LESS pain

Everyone knows waxing is an OUCH treatment. But amazingly, the more you wax, the less pain you will experience. Firstly, because of the regular waxing, your body will start to immune to those pain. Sounds good, right?

That’s why you don’t want to stop waxing in the cold season and suddenly jump back to waxing again after a few months to experience the fresh pain.

Secondly, still, remember how waxing works?  It pulls the hairs from hair follicles,  each time may damage hair follicles. The more often waxing treatment, gradually, hair will be more fine and sparse.

Overall, continuing waxing in winter will give you amazing summer skin and stay hair free for longer. Most people feel more confident and sexier after waxing. No matter what season is, the “I feel good” feeling is always welcome.

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