Do and don’t after waxing

Once you have attended your waxing session, you may think that’s the end.

However, there is one more important thing you need to do, apply some post-waxing extreme care. You must follow those simple do’s and don’ts after waxing to get perfect results and smoothing skin.


  • Use cold compress

You can use cold compress for the area, to reduce appearance of red bumps and calming the skin down.

  • Use natural moisturizer and antiseptic cream

After waxing your hair follicle are open, it will be more easily to get infection. Ensure to use moisturizer which do not contain chemical and fragrance and also apply antiseptic cream daily to reduce irritation and prevent infection.

  • Exfoliate skin

2 days after waxing, start to exfoliate skin once to twice a week to prevent ingrown hair.

  • Shower with cool water

Ensure to shower with luck warm water. It will increase irritation if the water is too hot. Cool shower can help reduce irritation.

  • Wear loose clothing

Wear loose and comfortable cloth after waxing to reduce irritation caused by friction.

  • Using witch hazel

To help prevent red itchy skin, you can use soak a cotton pad in pure witch hazel extract and apply on sensitive skin. Witch hazel is a natural remedy that you can use after your waxing treatment.


  • No harsh Soap

You should avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers on the waxed areas for the first a few days. Soap can irritate sensitive skin even more and cause a lot of irritation. Harsh soaps can also hinder the healing process.

  • No direct sun exposure

Waxing can make your skin to become extra sensitive and direct sunlight in the first 12 hours after waxing could damage the outer layer of your skin. To wear long sleeves and apply sunscreen for preventing sun damage.

  • No swimming

For the first 24 hours after a waxing treatment, stay out of chlorinated water or salted water such as swimming pools and sea.

  • No spa or saunas

Avoid spas or saunas in the first 24 hours after waxing. The heat and sweat can cause skin irritation and infection.

  • Do not touch the skin if not necessary

Avoid touching the waxed area and if you need to do so please always wash your hands before. Our hands contains millions of bacteria, we don’t want to risk on our fresh waxed area.

  • Avoid Gym and work out

No sweaty work out for first 48 hours. Your favorite gym workout class can create an optimal environment for bacteria in your workout clothes.

  • Avoid sex for 48 hours

Avoid sex after your Male brazillian waxing or manzillian waxing for 48 hours. Sex can cause chaffing.

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