Things You Need To Know Before Lip Tattoo

What is lip tattoo?

Lip tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing that involves inserting pigments beneath the surface layer of the skin of your lips, it will give you a long-lasting lip enhancement that doesn’t come off.

Benefit of lip tattoo?

Sick of reapplying lip liner and lipstick? Sick of lip lipstick that appear to dry or chap your lips? We have perfect treatment for you.

One of truly fantastic advantage is never once again fretting about your colour rubbing off, fading, getting or smearing on your teeth.

Lip Tattooing or Cosmetic Tattooing or semi- permanent makeup can appear to alter the size, shape and age of the lips to make them look fuller and younger.

It restores the shape and natural colour to your lips and improves your existing shape and proper asymmetrical overview for a more proportional shape mouth.

How much does lip tattoo cost?

In general, the cost of permanent makeup ink ranges between $400 and $800 for a single treatment, which covers the entire outside of your lips. And the cost varies store by store.

How long does lip tattoo last?

A lip tattoo usually lasts for two to five years, but it can vary from client to client depending on their body chemistry and other factors.

Is there any risk of the lip tattoo procedure?

Lip tattoo procedures do run the risk of infections due to reasons like unsterilized tattoo equipment and lack of post-procedure care.

Swelling. This’s natural reaction after tattoo needles create micro-injuries on your lip, but this should ease down within a couple of days.

Infections is a common risk with lip tattoos.. It’s important to make sure the tattoo artist uses sterilized equipments. The lips come into contact with saliva; food and drinks, this can also increase your risk for infections, in this case you must follow your after-care instruction.

Scarring. When a lip tattoo doesn’t heal properly, it may scar. Allergic reactions and infection following the procedure can also increase your chances of developing scar tissue on the area of the body where you received the tattoo.

Allergic reactions. You should speak to your tattoo artist before the procedureif you have a history of skin allergies or sensitivities. Signs of an allergic reaction may include itching, a rash, and hives.

Is there anything I need to prepare before lip tattoo?

If you have a lip blush tattoo booked, there are a few things that you can prepare before your visit.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours to your appointment, which can be cause bruising.

If you are someone who regularly gets cold sores, please taking cold sore medication three days before and three days after your lip tattoo appointment. The tattoo process can trigger an outbreak, and cold sores mess with the healing process.

If you use products like Vitamin C serums or retinoids in your skincare routine, you need to take a break from these for two weeks.

Some women who have had lip fillers get a lip blush tattoo. However, fillers should be done at least six weeks prior to the lip tattoo appointment for best results.

You can exfoliate your lips the day before and using a moisturizer to help keep the surface of your lips smooth and fresh on the day of your appointment.

How to choose the lip tattoo artist?

Finding the right aesthetician for permanent makeup, is key to minimizing side effects.

You’ll also need to make sure that the artist uses inks meant for tattoos, as well as proper cleaning and disinfecting practices for treatment.

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